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Safety Inspection & Audit Services

It is important to ACT SAFE when at work!      It is more important to ACTUALLY BE SAFE!!!!!

Pabsta Engineers India Limited (PEIL) a MSME unit having OHSAS 18001 accreditation engaged in providing safety inspection & audit services for Petrochemical Industries covering GGS/GCS/OCS/RIGS (under the purview of Oil Mine Regulations of DGMS, PESO & OISD), Oil Terminal/ Depot, LPG Plants, Refineries (under purview of Directorate of Factories, PESO & OISD) & Retail Outlets (under purview of Shops & Establishment, PESO & OISD) since decades. DGMS (Directorate General of Mines Safety, India) recognized Service Provider in India for carrying out Safety Inspection & Audit at Mines (oil, metal & coal) is dedicated to create a safe work environment for Human & Properties.


To be a respected national company and leader in national occupational health, safety and energy audit in quality, productivity, sustainability and customer satisfaction


  • ► Provide high product quality.
  • ►  Provide superior customer service.
  • ►  Protect the quality of the environment.
  • ►  Ensure equal access to resources.
  • ►  Encourage innovation/creativity.
  • ►  Practice sustainable development.


Fundamental objective is to find out the deviation observed from the relevant standards/practices as per Statutory/Regulatory norms that may affect the safety of manpower, property & environment. It is a scientific process of identifying and eliminating threats as far as possible so as to reduce chance of occurrence of any accident upto a large extent.

With Safety Services like periodic Inspections /Audit, TPI towards Quality on commissioning of electrical equipments, Cable Insulation Testing etc. and TPI linked to advanced modern age equipment for Automatic Fire Fighting, Lightning Protection, Surveillance, etc.

Want us to assess the Safety Requirements in Your Industry?